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Israelis observing the Yom Kippur fast will receive a little help from the weather this year. Forecasters predict the holiday, which begins Friday at sundown, will bring comfortable conditions, with temperatures slightly lower than normal for the season.

Cool air coming in from Turkey will bring the relatively cool seasonal conditions of 29 degrees Celsius along the coast, and 25 degrees with 55 percent humidity in elevated areas. Light rain is also possible on the holiday.

Meteorologists noted, however, that their predictions represent an educated guess, as forecasts made several days ahead of time are not entirely reliable.

Forecasters at Meteo Tech said Israel's weather for the coming week would be influenced by cool air currents coming from the Balkans and Turkey. Those regions have seen light rain in recent days, and the weather fronts responsible for the precipitation are expected to move into the Eastern Mediterranean by the end of the week.

Israelis will experience somewhat cooler conditions today, with heat and humidity both dropping perceptibly. That trend will continue tomorrow, with temperatures falling to two degrees under the seasonal average, particularly in hilly areas. Light rain is also possible in the center and north. Warm fronts from Syria will pass through the country on Wednesday and Thursday, leading temperatures to climb slightly.