lieberman - Emil Salman - June 17 2011
FM Avigdor Lieberman Photo by Emil Salman
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Correspondence among Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's inner circle may have unintentionally implicated him in the corruption case in which he is a suspect, according to a report on Channel 10 on Wednesday.

Among the thousands of documents the police have located are letters between Lieberman and his lawyer, Yoav Many, who is also a suspect in the case, and a tax consultant in a law firm in Cyprus who was handling the shell companies Lieberman had based on the island.

Lieberman is suspected of fraud, breach of trust, money laundering and harassing a witness. It is believed that Lieberman continued to manage his worldwide business dealings, bringing in millions of dollars, while he was an MK and a minister. Some of that money allegedly came from wealthy individuals with vested interests.

Lieberman is believed to have placed various people close to him at the heads of the companies allegedly in order to avoid the scrutiny of the state comptroller.

In one letter, Many asked tax consultant Daniela Moritz to transfer money from the account of "our client" in the Laiki Bank in Cyprus to his private account in Bank Leumi in Jerusalem, as she had supposedly done before.

Moritz told investigators that she refered to Lieberman as "our client" or "A.L." "I suppose because of his political position in the Israel government," she said.

When police showed Lieberman the documents, he told an investigator: "Listen, I'm not responsible for what other people say. I never sat on the line and listened to conversations between Yoav and Daniela. I tell you, that's not mine, period, the end."

When Lieberman was told that Many's correspondence also incriminated him, he said, "Alright, let's say that the documents ... I don't know how to use email." He also said, "I have no explanation. After all, you can go there to the bank and see whether I ever used the money."