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A majority of Israelis oppose the general strike, a survey for Haaretz shows.

Fifty-three percent of people are against the strike, while 32 percent are in favor of it, the poll shows. There is greater opposition on the right, while left-wingers are split equally between backing the strike and opposing it.

In addition, 52 percent of respondents oppose the government's economic austerity plan, while 26 percent are in favor of it. Only 37 percent think the plan is necessary.

Histadrut chairman Amir Peretz is more popular than Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - the survey shows 38 percent of people believe Pertez is doing a good job, while only 26 percent think the same about Netanyahu.

More than half the respondents - 54 percent - say they are disappointed with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's role in the crisis, believing he is not involved enough.

The survey was based on a representative sample of the adult Israeli public. It was carried out for Haaretz by the Dialogue Institute, overseen by Professor Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University.