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Shinui MK and former interior minister Avraham Poraz took issue with the nomination of American Stanley Fischer as governor of the Bank of Israel and with the characterization of Fischer as an "ardent Zionist." Poraz called the nomination of the Citigroup vice chairman "an insult to Zionism."

"To me an `ardent Zionist' is a man who immigrates to Israel, serves in the army, sends his children to the army, goes through all the wars here with us, and, when they attack us with Scuds, puts on a gas mask," Poraz told Israel Radio.

According to Poraz, Fischer was "a man who decided, despite the fact that he was a Jew and had the right to immigrate to Israel, to live in the United States, not to immigrate to Israel. His children did not serve in the army, he did not serve in the army."

... and a peacenik to boot

Fischer was an enthusiastic supporter of, activist in and donor to Peace Now in the 1980s.

At the time, Fischer was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a close associate of two of the leaders of Peace Now in those years, Prof. Michael Bruno and the late Prof. Yoram Ben-Porat. In interviews given to the media during his most recent visits to Israel, Fischer stressed that the real way to achieve growth in Israel was to end the state of war.

Fischer's strong ties with Israel date back to 1968, when he served as a volunteer on Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael, where he studied Hebrew and worked in the laundry.