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In a cover letter for the Geneva Accord sent to Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, the Palestinian and Israeli participants write: "None of us represents our respective peoples in any binding sense." The text was acquired by Haaretz.

The draft document drawn up during the weekend in Jordan, along with the letter, will be launched at a ceremony to be held in Geneva in coming weeks and both are meanwhile being retained by Micheline Calmy-Rey.

The participants state in the letter: "On both sides, there are people who have held official positions in the past, and people who continue to do so today, yet in this document, none of us represents our respective peoples in any binding sense." The writers say they do believe "our approach represents vast sections of public opinion on both sides."

They say they were supported in their efforts to reach the draft agreement by a private Swiss foundation and the Swiss Foreign Ministry.

"The decision to complete and later present this model draft agreement was not easy for any of us," the letter continues. "however, we have decided to pursue this path since we believe that action of this type can serve as a source of hope after a long period of suffering, killing and mutual accusations." The letter twice states a connection between the draft agreement and the American-backed "road map."

It sees the document as coming "in the context of the road map process," saying the draft "signifies a mutually acceptable and realizable endgame - to be reached by 2005 and .. an answer to the skeptics and supporters of endless interim agreements."

It also states at the outset that "at this point in time, after the Palestinian and Israeli governments have accepted the road map, which includes a final-status settlement by 2005 based on a two-state solution, we consider it to be of the utmost importance to present to the two peoples and the entire world an example of what such a final-status agreement could include."

In conclusion, the writers of the letter state: "This agreement will bring about the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel, put an end to the occupation, terminate conflict and bloodshed, and end all mutual claims."