Palestinians say Israeli soldiers remain in their tanks until the last minute before taking over a Gaza residence. "The soldiers don't dare get out of the tanks and come into our homes - only after they send in dogs to clear the area," say Palestinians forced to leave their northern Gaza homes.

M., a Jabalya refugee camp resident, told Haaretz, "the army moves very slowly. The tanks approach houses, then they send the dogs. If it's a three-story home, they send three dogs: The dogs have a camera on one leg and a walkie-talkie on the other. That's how the dogs transmit what is in the house. Then the tanks advance up to the doorway by rolling over the fence, and the soldiers exit the tank."

According to M., soldiers find only women, children and the elderly in the house, because the public address system called on all men under age 50 to gather at the school.

"People are very scared to go to the schools the UN has opened as shelters or to hole up in mosques, which the IDF has also bombed," M. added.