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A man was sentenced to 13 years in prison yesterday for having repeatedly raped his sister over a period of eight years. The Nazareth District Court found that the man, 27, assaulted his sister almost daily from the time she was eight years old, beginning with indecent acts and then progressing to rape. The sister, who is now 21, eventually complained to the police. In sentencing the assailant, the court noted that not only did he express no regret for his actions, he even portrayed himself as the victim. (Eli Ashkenazi)

Sara (Rosenberg) Livni, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni's mother, passed away at the age of 85 yesterday following a battle with cancer. Sara Livni, like her husband Eitan, was a fighter in the Irgun, a pre-state underground affiliated with the party that later became Likud. At one point, she was arrested and jailed by the British, who ruled the country at the time, for her pro-independence activities. After Israel was established, she and Eitan became the first couple to marry in the new Jewish state. Her funeral will be at 3 P.M. today in Tel Aviv's Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery; from 1:30 P.M., the coffin will lie in state in the city's Beit Jabotinsky. (Barak Ravid)

President Shimon Peres yesterday hosted eight teens who lost their soldier fathers during Israel Defense Forces operations. The meeting with Peres was part of a larger program in honor of their bar and bat mitzvahs that included a visit to the Western Wall and a special performance. "I know very well that a great hole was torn in your hearts," Peres told them. "There was great pain and loneliness, and a heavy responsibility fell on your shoulders ... But I see before me children who grew into wonderful young adults, strong and intelligent, who know how to cope with life." (Anshel Pfeffer)

Imad Abu Issa was remanded for three days yesterday on suspicion of robbing 10 minors and senior citizens in Haifa and wounding one of his victims so seriously that he died a few days later. Police arrested Abu Issa, 27, after two minors reported their cell phones stolen. Under interrogation, the Haifa resident confessed to those thefts and several others. He admitted to assaulting and robbing Avri Solomon, 86, this past January. Police said Abu Issa had not known until his interrogation that Solomon later died of his injuries. (Fadi Eyadat)

The Tel Aviv District Court handed down a rare conviction yesterday for failure to help an injured person. It also convicted Rafael Abutbul of failing to prevent a crime. The conviction stemmed from a fight 18 months ago between two brothers, Haim and Moshe Fartoush. Abutbul was present in their apartment when Moshe pulled out a knife and stabbed Haim repeatedly. Haim begged Abutbul for help, but Abutbul made no effort to intervene. Afterward, Moshe and Abutbul left without bothering to summon help for the injured man; an ambulance was later called by neighbors who heard him screaming. While failure to help an injured person is a crime, convictions are rare. (Roni Singer-Heruti)

The Friends of Rebecca Sieff Hospital association petitioned the High Court of Justice yesterday against the government's refusal to pay for reinforcing the hospital against rocket attacks. The government is funding reinforcement work on other northern hospitals, but Sieff, which is located in Safed, was excluded from the program. The petition charged that this constituted unjust discrimination. (Eli Ashkenazi)