The jailed Parinyan brothers may attend a family wedding by video conference from their prison cell. Oded and Sharon Parinyan, who are serving five year terms for conspiracy to commit murder, asked for a special leave to attend the wedding of Oded's daughter. The prosecution, police and Prison Service objected, stating the brothers were a danger to the public as well as themselves outside of prison. The court rejected the brothers' request but agreed to the video conference. (Nir Hasson)

A museum was inaugurated at Masada yesterday, depicting life on the mountain from the time Herod the Great used it as a refuge and palace to its conquest by the Roman army in 74 BC and the suicide of its Jewish defenders. The museum's exhibition is based on the findings of the archaeological digs conducted by Professor Yigael Yadin of Hebrew University. (Amiram Barkat)

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday extended the custody of a third suspect, a Jerusalem resident aged 20, in the murder of Amos Tal some three weeks ago. Tal was found dead in his apartment in south Tel Aviv after his neighbor called the police when he saw water running out of his apartment. Two days ago police arrested Farid al-Anmi, 20, and Mohamed Mubarak, 19, neither of whom has a permanent address. The three suspects are believed to have had some kind of sexual relationship, but the motive for the murder remains unknown. (Roni Singer-Heruti)