Award-winning author Yermi Pinkus
Award-winning author Yermi Pinkus gives an address. Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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Hadar Cohen
Award-winning author Haggai Linik. Photo by Hadar Cohen

The authors of an illustrated novel for adults and of a semi-autobiographical novel about a kibbutz childhood will be among 23 Israeli writers whose books will be translated from Hebrew into other languages with the help of a fund established by the Culture and Sports Ministry.

In addition to Yirmi Pinkus ("Professor Fabrikant's Historical Cabaret" ) and Yael Ne'eman ("We Were the Future" ), other authors include award-winning novelist Haggai Linik, and film and literature scholar Nurit Gertz.

The Am Hasefer (People of the Book) fund has put up some NIS 500,000 to finance the translation of Israeli literature into foreign languages since it was established a year ago. It underwrites half the cost of translation into English or up to NIS 30,000 per book, whichever is lower. For other languages, the fund covers half the cost or up to NIS 20,000.

One of those languages is Macedonian, into which Eli Amir's book "Scapegoat," about Iraqi immigrants in the early days of the state, will be translated. The book selection committee is headed by Hannah Naveh, dean of Tel Aviv University's arts department, and other members include art history professor Hana Taragan, novelist Eleonora Lev, and literature scholar and editor Michal Arbell-Tor.