Gas station
The Environmental Protection Ministry says Israel’s gas companies have been hiding results of gas tank and gas pipe tests. Photo by Itzik Ben-Malki
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The Environmental Protection Ministry is suing the country's large gas companies, which it says have been systematically hiding the results of gas tank and gas pipe tests, making it difficult to identify and prevent pollution to land and groundwater.

In a suit filed this week at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, the ministry noted that regulations require gas station operators to carry out periodic tests to determine the extent to which tanks and pipes are sealed, and the results are to be relayed to the ministry. By not disclosing the results, the ministry said, the companies saved themselves millions of shekels in repair work.

The suit charges that 114 stations controlled by the Delek and Paz companies failed to report test results on pipes and tanks. In response, Paz said yesterday: "The company operates in accordance with the law, and since 2007, it has precisely followed a work plan devised by the ministry." The Delek company has yet to respond to the charges.