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Education Ministry officials are unhappy with the Likud Central Committee's appointment last week to head the department of education and welfare services. Before winning the tender for the position, Yaakov Tawil - a member of the central committee and its Jerusalem branch - headed educational welfare services for a Jerusalem neighborhood.

The unnamed ministry officials complain that Tawil lacks experience in managing large organizations. Last year, the budget of the department he is to head was approximately NIS 68 million. With 150 to 200 employees and near-total responsibility for students from at-risk populations, the department is considered one of the most important in the Education Ministry. It also operates dropout prevention programs and initiatives designed to raise achievement levels.

According to a member of the committee that selected Tawil, when the issue of the candidate's lack of managerial experience was brought up, ministry director general Shimshon Shoshani said Tawil was a "field man" who would "learn how to be a manager on the job." The source added that Shoshani, who headed the committee, expressed great support for Tawil's candidacy.

According to the officials, Tawil - who was once a Knesset candidate on behalf of Likud, though too far down on the list to be elected - is proud of his solid relationship with the education minister's office.

In a response, the Education Ministry noted that Tawil was "chosen through a public tender held in accordance with Civil Service Commission regulations" and that the committee "found him to be the most suitable candidate for the position."

Tawil declined to comment.