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The Ministerial Committee for Legislation decided yesterday to put off for another month discussion of a bill to move the end of daylight saving time. The bill is due to be brought before the Knesset for a preliminary vote on Wednesday.

The bill, proposed by MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz ), would extend daylight saving time until the end of October. It was to have been discussed by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation more than two months ago, but the discussion was postponed at the request of the cabinet secretariat.

Despite the committee's decision yesterday, Horowitz said he would not agree to postpone the Knesset vote.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai last week announced the establishment of a committee of experts to discuss the need to extend daylight saving time, and to submit its recommendations to him in the coming months.

Sources close to Yishai said that the committee would also study "the special status of Yom Kippur."

Currently, daylight saving time changes to standard time before Yom Kippur, in a bid to shorten daylight hours during the 25-hour fast, which some say eases the hardship. Detractors say changing the clock too soon wastes electricity and other resources.

Horowitz said Yishai's committee was formed in order to delay action on the bill, and that if the Knesset did not vote this week, the bill could not become law before the coming fall.

Horowitz said Wednesday's vote would be "a test of the seriousness of the cabinet's intentions."