Sheikh Ra’ad Salah - Ilan Assayag - 07.07.2011
Sheikh Ra’ad Salah Photo by Ilan Assayag
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LONDON - Islamic activist Sheikh Ra'ad Salah has won an appeal against his deportation from Britain. He had initially been detained for three weeks after entering the U.K. in June and was then released on bail. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign said Sunday that Salah received a letter from Britain's Upper Immigration Tribunal, saying his detention was "entirely unnecessary" and that his appeal has succeeded "on all grounds."

Britain's Home Office said that it was "disappointed" with the tribunal's decision and, if possible, would appeal.

The Islamic Movement (Northern Branch) leader flew to Britain, despite an order from Home Secretary Theresa May banning him over his political activities. Salah's legal team claimed he had not been aware of the ban, had entered the country with a passport issued in his name, and had made "no attempt" to conceal his identity.

Salah was detained three days after his arrival on June 25. He later sought damages for unlawful detention. The High Court ruled that since he was not given "proper and sufficient reasons" for his arrest until the third day of his detention, he should receive damages for that period.