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How did former President Moshe Katsav's close associate, Uri Yoeli, explain his habit of recording phone calls from the woman known as A. from the Tourism Ministry who called Yoeli looking for work after two instances of rape?

The judges ruled in the Katsav case that Yoeli, who owns the Elvis Inn near Jerusalem, had manufactured evidence that Katsav could use on a rainy day - in case A. from the Tourism Ministry broke her silence and complained against Katsav.

"It has been proved that Uri Yoeli made false statements to A., who was unemployed and needed work at the time the accused was elected president," the judges ruled.

"The falsehoods including stating that the accused wanted to find her a regular job. He [Yoeli] even mentioned the names of respectable places of employment about which it eventually emerged that nothing had been done. [These falsehoods] caused A. to think that the intention was serious" the judges continued.

"A. called me. I said to her: 'Listen, it'll be alright. We'll find a job. Be patient.' Things like that," Yoeli told the court.

When the state prosecutor, Ronit Amiel, asked Yoeli why he had recorded the calls, he said: "Because the girl was pestering me non-stop. The girl was obsessive in an insensitive way, and so I recorded her."

"Why?" Amiel asked again.

"No special reason, maybe just because I was bored. She talked and talked and talked and talked, and so I recorded," Yoeli said.

Yoeli said that in some cases he recorded himself singing, and he also recorded other people who were bothering him, the way he said A. from the Tourism Ministry was doing.

Amiel persisted in asking Yoeli why he had recorded A.: "What for? She was a nudnik... You don't have to remember every nudnik, and certainly not document them. Why did you document this?" Amiel asked.

Yoeli answered: "I have no explanation. She was a nudnik, so I recorded her."

Judge George Kara than asked Yoeli: "In other words, if we take these recordings, we'll hear A. from the Tourism Ministry and other nudniks, and singing?"

"Almost certainly, yes," Yoeli responded.