freeze end5 AP 27.09.10
Bulldozers get to work at a construction site in the West Bank settlement of Adam, on September 27, 2010, a day after the expiration of a moratorium on settlement construction. Photo by AP
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The state will pay more than NIS 2.5 million shekels to settlers who incurred losses due to the government's decision to suspend construction in West Bank towns.

The construction moratorium expired last week.

So far the defense establishment's complaints committee has reached a decision on 45 of 109 compensation claims, submitted by settlers from the beginning of the construction freeze last November.

The committee accepted 42 of the claims and rejected three. One of the three referred to land for which there was no valid building permit. Another claimed compensation for land that had been bought after the freeze had gone into effect.

Private individuals or groups, including housing companies and contractors, whose claim was accepted will receive some NIS 60,000 each.

The remaining claims will be handled in the near future, despite the end of the construction freeze.

The government decided to set up the complaints committee and introduce the compensation procedure in a bid to minimize the damages caused to Israeli citizens in the West Bank, following the decision to freeze construction there.