Israel Gives NATO Intel on Iranian Nukes, Says Iran Is Threat to Europe

Delegation focuses on Iranian efforts to develop missile with strike range of 3,000 kilometers.

Israel has provided NATO with substantial intelligence about the Iranian nuclear program and the development of long-range missiles by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, diplomats in Jerusalem said.

The information, they said, was transferred as part of an intelligence assessment that was prepared in connection with the possibility of deploying an American missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. The intelligence, according to the sources, was delivered by a team of experts from the Israel Defense Forces who came to Brussels to debrief their counterparts from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Israeli delegation focused on the Iranians' efforts to develop the Shihab-4 missile, with a strike range of 3,000 kilometers. When completed, the missiles will threaten parts of Europe.

Israel is extending its ties with NATO in order to prevent the smuggling of weapons into the Middle East, and to address roadside bombs and the war on terror.

Senior officials in Jerusalem and Brussels have said that the military cooperation between NATO and Israel would be extended in the near future. The NATO foreign ministers confirmed the agreement.