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A television interview with Yoav Galant lost in the ratings to reality show "Beauty and the Geek," even as the controversy surrounding the major general's selection as the military's next chief of staff was reaching a climax.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu overturned Galant's appointment amid allegations that he had improperly seized public land near his home.

Tuesday's ratings were released yesterday. Channel 2's main news broadcast came in at 19.7 percent, but many viewers switched to other channels, not sticking around for the interview with Galant.

"Beauty and the Geek" on Channel 10 was viewed by 18.4 percent of viewers, while the special broadcast of the program "360," which featured the interview, came in at 16.3 percent. The interview with Galant was the first during the controversy by any media outlet. He was interviewed by retired anchorman Gadi Sukenik, who, like Galant, once served as a naval commando.