IDF Rejects Claim Over Woman's Death at Abu Dis Checkpoint

Palestinian sources accused Border Police officers for causing the death of a 60-year-old Palestinian woman by shoving her during a raid in the West Bank town of Abu Dis yesterday - a charge the Israel Defense Forces vehemently rejected.

The Palestinians said one of the Border Police officers pushed the woman during a raid of her home in Abu Dis, north of Bethlehem, causing her to fall down and die of her wounds shortly afterward.

The IDF confirmed that troops were carrying out searches in the woman's home, but said the Palestinian charges were unfounded and that her death appears to have been caused by a preexisting heart condition.

The military sources verified that the Border Police conducted the raid in an attempt to locate a suspect, but stated there was no contact between the woman and the police. The sources said the woman apparently slipped and fell during the raid.

A doctor who was present during the incident rushed to examine the woman and offer her medical assistance, but was unable to revive her, the IDF said. The army said the exam, bolstered by statements by family members, indicated that the woman had had a heart condition for years, which apparently led to her death.

"The doctor offered her help and tried to revive her, but in accordance with all the signs, he determined that she died because of a heart problem," an IDF source said yesterday. He said the Border Police officers acted properly during the operation.

In a separate incident, Palestinians threw several firebombs early yesterday at an IDF post near Abu Dis and at soldiers leaving from there to search the area.

No IDF soldiers were wounded in any of the incidents yesterday.