Motti Sasson in his Holon office.
Motti Sasson in his Holon office. Photo by Archive: Uriel Sinai
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The mayor of Holon is one of ten mayors from around the world that the British magazine Monocle chose to profile in its July issue. Mayor Motti Sasson shares the spotlight with the municipal leaders of larger cities, such as Stockholm, Houston, Phoenix and Madrid, in its feature on global "Civic Slickers" as the magazine called them. The publication covers international affairs, business, culture and design. The article said Mayor Sasson "has miraculously put a mid-sized bedroom community on the world's cultural map."

Monocle explained: "The 63-year old workaholic has brought five new museums to Holon, including Ron Arad's groundbreaking 24 million euro Design Museum, generating an influx of youngsters while inventing a distinctive urban brand from scratch."

In May of this year, the American magazine Conde Nast Traveler dubbed the Holon Design Museum one of the new wonders of the world.

In underlining the potential impact that mayors can have, the article in Monocle said: "The right mayor can reinvent and rejuvenate a city, boosting infrastructure, speeding integration and fostering the arts."

The magazine called the crop of mayors which included the Holon municipal leader, "10 of the freshest movers and shakers in urban politics worldwide, pinpointing their greatest successes."

The magazine cited Holon's cultural institutions such as the Design Museum and the Cartoon Museum as marks of Sasson's success.

The Holon Municipality said yesterday that Sasson, who has run the city for 17 years, was informed by Monocle about two months ago that he would be featured and asked what he saw as the challenges he still faced as mayor. He said that it was nothing less than to consolidate his city's position as the cultural center of the Middle East.