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The wet, wintry conditions that rang in the Purim holiday weekend will continue this morning, but rain will taper off as the day wears on. Israelis will receive a further reprieve Monday, as the morning will bring only scattered showers to certain areas.

The damp conditions forced the cancelation or postponement of Purim celebrations across much of the country.

Jerusalem received by far the most rain of any major locale this weekend, 170 millimeters. Heavy precipitation also fell on other communities along the central mountain ridge and along the Jordan Valley. Nature and Parks Authority officials were stunned to see that the water level at the river's southern section, near the West Bank city of Jericho, had risen dozens of centimeters in just a short period of time.

Israel's northern valleys also received a heavy dose of rain, and some 42 millimeters were measured at Nahalal, a moshav west of Nazareth. Netanya received 84 millimeters and Tel Aviv 79. Ashdod got 55 millimeters, leading to Friday's flooding in the southern coastal city.

Temperatures are expected to rise significantly by Tuesday, and by Wednesday Israelis will again experience unseasonably warm conditions.