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Ephraim Halevy, former Mossad head and head of the National Security Council, says that in the past year Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been unable to make decisions in an orderly way. "In the 15 years in which I have been familiar with the Prime Minister's Bureau there has never been a situation like this," Halevy says in an interview with Haaretz Magazine, on resigning from his post as head of the National Security Council and as the prime minister's strategic adviser.

"What bothers me most is the way decisions are made on fateful subjects. There is an intolerable sense of offhandedness in making fateful decisions ... I think I have a certain understanding of policy. Five prime ministers, holding different outlooks, have expressed their confidence in my understanding. And I tell you I don't understand what is happening here in this last period."

Halevy says: "I resigned because I think it's not right to serve in a position that you can't fulfill in the way it should be fulfilled. I resigned because circumstances were created that prevented me from carrying out properly the missions the prime minister assigned me ... I did not quit because of differences with the prime minister. But something happened in the past nine months ... In the past year a situation has emerged in which the prime minister has been denied some of the options that should be available to him."

Halevy says the road map is an imposed settlement. "It marks out a clear route that leads to an imposed settlement. I don't think an imposed settlement is good for Israel."

Halevy supports releasing prisoners with "blood on their hands," including Marwan Barghouti. He also recommends evacuating the entire Gaza Strip, including the settlements.