Ari Shavit, Itzik Ben Malki
Haaretz writer Ari Shavit, right, receiving an award from the Movement for Quality Government in Caesarea in 2010. Photo by Itzik Ben Malki
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Former attorney general Menachem Mazuz and Haaretz journalist Ari Shavit were honored yesterday with the title "knight of quality government" by the Movement for Quality Government at its annual event in Caesarea.

The other laureates this year are the recently resigned legal adviser of the Jerusalem municipality, Yossi Havilio; Hadash MK Dov Khenin; former director-general of the Health Ministry Dr. Eitan Hai-Am; retired justice Tovah Strasbourg-Cohen, who set up a commission to hear complaints on judges; Sderot municipal comptroller Miri Ben Shoshan; and the former director of the Adam Teva V'Din environmental organization, Tzipi Iser Itzik.

The title was also awarded to Tehila Galenta, an attorney from the southern district State Prosecutor's Office, and Tiberias municipal comptroller Bennie Eliyahu.

"Fighting corruption is not a single act but the fruit of a sustained effort," Mazuz said at the ceremony. "It's a long-distance marathon that requires consistency and long breath and there is therefore much importance to continuing and maintaining determined, consistent, long-term action."

The former attorney general said that without the support of the media, the public leadership and public organizations, the law enforcement authorities would find it difficult to fight their fight "against people of power and influence who sometimes don't stop before personal and institutional slander of law enforcement officials, including undermining the legitimacy of their work.