Gilad Erdan- Michal Fattal
Gilad Erdan Photo by Michal Fattal
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After being offered the position of Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today to inform him of his decision on the matter.

A number of Netanyahu's advisers reportedly contacted Erdan over the weekend and encouraged him to accept the position.

Erdan's appointment as ambassador to the United Nations is also supported by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The environmental protection minister met with Netanyahu a week ago, during which time he asked for clarifications and guarantees of his authority if he decided to accept the position of Israeli ambassador to the United Nations.

This had been the third meeting between the two men in the past two months, on the same subject.

Netanyahu is of the opinion that Israel requires a more senior figure in the role of UN ambassador, especially in light of Palestinian efforts to advance anti-Israeli resolutions at the United Nations as well as potential recognition of a Palestinian state by the Security Council or the General Assembly later this year.

Among the guarantees that Erdan is seeking as ambassador, he has asked for a direct channel of communication with the prime minister without having to first go through various Netanyahu aides.

Erdan is also concerned that accepting the post will have a negative impact on his political career.