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Two gay men were attacked in Jerusalem last week by two teenagers shouting "Death to gays, all of you should be killed," one of the victims of the beating said yesterday.

Police are investigating the incident, which took place as a group of friends were returning from the capital's Gay Pride parade last Thursday.

"It depresses me a great deal, especially because I'm a former Jerusalemite," said Gil Engelstein, 24, who said he was punched in the ear and neck during the attack.

Engelstein, who now lives in Tel Aviv, searched through mug shots at a Jerusalem police station yesterday in a failed attempt to identify his assailants.

"They looked like they were secular, 13 or 14 years old," he said. "I don't know what their motivation was. It's depressing that guys like that, young people, are doing that kind of thing, depressing to think about what's going through their heads."

Thursday's attack marked the first time Engelstein has encountered violence because of his sexual orientation, he said.

Neither Engelstein nor the second victim required medical assistance after the attack, which took place at a restaurant in downtown Jerusalem.

The assailants repeatedly gave Engelstein and his friends dirty looks in the restaurant before the punching began, he said, adding: "It was obvious to me that they weren't happy with the whole gay issue."