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A prominent activist for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is being considered for the position of a judge in the Tel Aviv District Labor Court. Although there have been gay judges in Israel in the past, this is the first time an activist member of the community is being considered for the bench.

Dori Spivak, an attorney and former chairman of the board of the Association for Civil Rights Israel, today serves as deputy director of the Tel Aviv University legal clinic and is active with the Adva research center.

As an attorney, Spivak took part in struggles for sexual minorities' rights, including petitioning the Supreme Court in 1997 to force the Educational Television to transmit a program about gay teenagers, and in 2004 appealing on behalf of a man who sought an inheritance from the estate of his late partner of 40 years.

Spivak, who has lived with his partner Dr. Yishai Blank of the Tel Aviv University law school for 14 years, is the recipient of an awared on behalf of the LGBT community, in recognition of his contribution to their civil rights struggle.

To be appointed as judge, he would need to win the support of the Judicial Appointments Committee.

There are three judicial vacancies in Tel Aviv and one in Petah Tikva. Also vying for posts are Shlomit Barnea-Fargo, who served as legal advisor to the Prime Minister's Office in 2003 and magistrate judges Hadasa Asif, Daniel Beeri, Yehezkel Harel, Nitza Maimon-Shashoua, Gilya Ravid and Ronit Pinchuk-Alt.