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The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday convicted four secondary defendants in the murder of Aryeh Karp, finding them guilty of failing to prevent a crime. However, Judge Mordechai Peled acquitted them of failing to rescue Karp or provide assistance. The four were indicted for standing by and not intervening while their friends were beating Karp.

The amended charges, to which the defendants confessed, describe "an extreme and unusually violent incident," Peled wrote in his verdict. He said the defendants' relationship with the perpetrators meant they had an even greater obligation to intervene.

The four are soldier Or Levy from Kfar Sava and her friends Fadi Jabar, Fuad Moussa and Mahmoud Adas of Jaljulya. Other members of their group, charged with the actual murder, are still on trial in the Tel Aviv District Court.

"The clear knowledge that intense violence was taking place before their eyes obliged the defendants to intervene," Peled wrote, noting that the law obligates people to use any reasonable means to stop an attack. "There was no reason ... not to prevent the continuation of the crime," either by calling the police or any other means.