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Former chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon announced Monday that he would be running for the Knesset on Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud list. Ya'alon and Netanyahu are scheduled to hold a press conference Tuesday to announce the news.

The announcement, which will take place at Metzudat Ze'ev in Tel Aviv, comes after Netanyahu spent many weeks courting Ya'alon.

The newcomer is supposed to give Likud a boost vis-a-vis Labor, which boasts a more impressive array of retired top-brass from the Israel Defense Forces.

Ya'alon is Netanyahu's latest acquisition - significant others include Benny Begin and Dan Meridor.

This puts him in the company of two other generals: Yossi Peled and Uzi Dayan. Both retired major generals congratulated Ya'alon on the move, although all the newcomers will be contending for the same slot in the party's primary.

Sources involved in the lengthy negotiations that preceded Ya'alon's decision said he had insisted on receiving a slot on the list without having to contend in the primary, until Begin and Meridor joined the primary race and made this unlikely.