A scene from Joseph Cedar’s 'Footnote.' Photo by Ron Mendelson
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The film "Footnote" - directed by Joseph Cedar and winner of the best screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival this year - has been nominated for 13 Ophir Awards. Nominations were announced by the Israeli Film Academy at a news conference yesterday.

The Ophir Awards, dubbed the "Israeli Oscars," are given by the Israeli Film and Television Academy to recognize professional excellence in the film industry. They are named after actor Shaike Ophir and were first given out in 1982.

Director Marco Carmel's "My Lovely Sister" and Yossi Madmoni's "Restoration" - which won best screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival and best film in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Jerusalem - are nominated for 11 Ophir awards each.

Other contenders for best feature film are helmer Nadav Lapid's "The Policeman" and Maya Kenig's "Off-White Lies." The five directors are also vying for the best director's award.

Nadav Lapid and Joseph Cedar will also compete with Maya Kenig and Dana Diamant ("Off-White Lies" ), Erez Kav-El ("Restoration" ) and Arik Lubetsky ("Simico's Big Fantasy" ) for best screenplay.

The contenders for best actress are Evelin Hagoel ("My Lovely Sister" ), Hagar Ben Asher ("The Slut" ), Chen Yani ("Melting Away" ), Batya Bar ("Beautiful Valley," ) and Keren Berger ("Shtayim Balayla" ). The contenders for best actor are Gur Bentwich ("Off-White Lies" ), Sasson Gabai ("Restoration" ), Shlomo Bar Aba ("Footnote" ), Zion Baruch ("Simico's Big Fantasy" ) and Yiftach Klein ("The Policeman" ).

Avi Belleli is nominated for the best original music award for both "Restoration" and "My Lovely Sister," while Michael Gurvich is nominated for best soundtrack in both "Off-White Lies" and "The Policeman" (together with Aviv Aldema and Israel David ).

The winners of the best documentary awards at the Docaviv and Jerusalem film festivals ("Life in Stills" and "The Law in These Parts," respectively ) did not make it onto the list of contenders. Nominees for best documentary are Moshe Alpert's "Land of Genesis," Dana Goren's "Diplomat," Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir's "Dolphin Boy," Arnon Goldfinger's "The Flat" and Itamar Chen's "Teacher Irena."

This year's Lifetime Achievement award will go to producer Yitzhak Shani, who started his career as a legal adviser on Ephraim Kishon's movies. He produced the cult comedy "Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer" (directed by Assi Dayan ) in 1976, and "Azit the Paratrooper Dog" in 1972 (directed Boaz Davidson ).