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Tal Yehoshua Koren Photo by Courtesy
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The condition of the Israeli diplomat's wife who was wounded in a car bombing in New Delhi on Monday is improving, her family said last night.

Tal Yehoshua Koren, who works in the Israeli Embassy in the city, was wounded after a man on a motorcycle attached a bomb to the back of the car she was sitting in, an eyewitness said.

"She checked herself into a local hospital," said Ido Koren, brother of Yehoshua Koren. "Her husband called to reassure us and sounded calm. We saw the burned-out car in the news, and it's a real miracle she survived."

Koren said his sister and her husband, the defense attache, have been in India nearly four years. They have two children, 7 and 13.

"The children were in school at the time. The little one doesn't understand so much, but the older one does," Koren said. "I think tomorrow everything will be clearer. There's a large Israeli community there and everyone is helping."

Tzfira Koren, Tali's mother, said "I know she's in surgery and I'm very worried. If she doesn't come to Israel we're going there.

"My son-in-law was in the embassy building; he heard the explosion. He called in the morning to tell me there was an accident. He didn't say explosion because he knew I'd get a heart attack. He told me not to panic when I heard it on the news, and I realized it was more than an accident," she said.

"I'm worried but I hope she'll pull through; she's strong and checked herself into the hospital. The children are staying with friends and the family is getting more than enough help. We have no complaints against the embassy, I'm only waiting to hear her voice again."

Embassy spokesman David Goldfarb said many people have called the embassy to voice their support.

Israeli Ambassador Alon Ushpiz held talks with senior Indian officials and gave a round of media interviews. He focused on two points - his belief that Iran was behind the attack and his confidence in the Indian security services. "We feel completely safe in India," Ushpiz said.

The Israeli Embassy will open on Tuesday but scale down its operations, as instructed by security officials.

"Life isn't easy for Israeli diplomats in India," one diplomat said. "You're surrounded constantly by police and security guards."