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The Prison Service is due to hold a graduation ceremony today for officers in the course that lost most of its cadets in the Carmel fire. Due to the Carmel disaster, the Prison Service scaled back the event and did not invite the media and the graduates' family members to the ceremony at the Ramle prison compound.

The ceremony will consist of awarding the officers with their rank insignia and graduation certificates. The course began with 49 cadets, 35 of whom perished in a bus on the first day of the fire 41 days ago, as well as two of the course's staff members, on their way to help evacuate a prison in the Carmel.

Some family members of the cadets who died in the fire agreed with the decision to hold the ceremony without the families. Others, like Amit Klein, husband of Topaz Even Chen Klein, said "I don't like the decision but respect it. In a way I thought Topaz can't make it, at least I could be there for her," he said.