Gilad Erdan 29/07/10 Nir Kafri
Gilad Erdan Photo by Nir Kafri
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The state comptroller's report issued yesterday praised the Environmental Protection Ministry for improving its enforcement of environmental law. In particular, the report said, the ministry is increasingly using faster, more effective procedures to crack down on offenders.

The ministry's main instrument of enforcement is the Green Police. A state comptroller's report from three years ago was highly critical of the performance of that unit. It determined that the Green Police was carrying out an increasingly smaller number of investigations over the years, and that the unit took too long to process cases before submitting it to the ministry's legal department.

That trend has been reversed, according to yesterday's report. It stated that the number of cases rose from 156 in 2007 to 217 in 2009. The report also suggested introducing a computerized fine collection system.