Airport security in Israel - David Bachar
Security staff questioning Israeli Arab passengers at Ben-Gurion Airport. Photo by David Bachar
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As of September 19, passengers flying from Tel Aviv to New York on El Al will be barred from bringing liquids, gels or creams aboard the plane in their carry-on luggage in quantities of more than 100 milliliters, the airline announced yesterday.

The one exception will be goods purchased in the airport's duty-free shop, as long as they are in a transparent, sealed package accompanied by a receipt.

The new rules stem from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's directive that all airlines flying to the United States must employ the same security restrictions TSA imposes on American flights - including the ban on liquids in quantities greater than 100 milliliters.

To implement the new restrictions, El Al plans to station security checkers at the gates to check each passenger's carry-on luggage before boarding.

The airline advised all travelers to the United States to stow their liquids in their checked luggage in order to avoid any problems.

It also noted that passengers continuing on connecting flights will face the same restrictions with regard to any liquids purchased on the plane.