Students in class
Students studying math in class. Photo by Archive
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The matriculation examination in mathematics will be held on schedule tomorrow, but with a different set of problems, after suspicions arose yesterday the original exam paper had been leaked to students. About 60,000 to 65,000 students take the mathematics exam in Israel every year.

According to a report by Channel 1 yesterday, the leak was found after students told their teacher they obtained some of the questions from the exam.

The teacher went to the mathematics director at the Education Ministry, Dr. Hannah Perl.

The teacher told Channel 1 that Perl confirmed to him the exam paper was genuine. He noted that other test sheets were being sold among students.

"An anonymous report raised suspicions yesterday that a mathematics matriculation exam paper had been leaked," the Education Ministry said in a statement yesterday. "The ministry takes a grave view of the matter and informed the police. The ministry is making a number of arrangements as there are suspicions other exam papers may have been leaked."