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The driver of the bus blown up yesterday in Jerusalem by a suicide bomber said that none of the passengers who had boarded the vehicle had aroused his suspicions.

The driver, Shalom Zaken, an Egged bus company pensioner who recently returned to work, said the explosion occured moments after he had taken on passengers at the top of Gaza Road in the capital's Rehavia neighborhood. Another bus 19 driver, Menashe Zoref, told reporters that many Arab students used bus 19 to travel to Hebrew University on Mount Scopus or Hadassah hospital's school of medicine in Ein Karem, and that a young Arab speaker boarding the bus carrying a bag was not unusual.

According to Egged spokesman Ron Ratner, Zaken is suffering from partial hearing loss and shock. Ratner also said that apparently no security guard was on board the bus, although one may have been present and alighted somewhere along the line. Ratner added that the matter was under investigation.