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Channel 1's main news program, Mabat, may fall victim on Tuesday to a dispute between Broadcasting Authority management and employees.

Starting Tuesday, employees, including reporters, will have to "clock in" with a magnetic card when they enter and leave the office.

The dispute already has taken its toll, and on Monday a major soccer match scheduled to be broadcast on Channel 1 was aired on cable television instead.

The union of technical staff decided on Monday that it would not broadcast the soccer match, and in response management sent non-unionized camera and studio personnel to broadcast the game.

Also on Monday, radio broadcasts were disrupted after 8 P.M., including news broadcasts. They ceased entirely at 1 A.M.

Mabat will not be broadcast because of a management decision to stop broadcasting on Channel 1 by 7 P.M. Instead, the Broadcasting Authority announced it would broadcast a "special" early news program, which would end at 7 P.M.

The unions are considering turning to court for an injunction against the time clock requirements, sources told Haaretz.