Danit Cheshin - Hadar Cohen - 05102011
Danit Cheshin in court on Tuesday. Photo by Hadar Cohen
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The widow of the son of a former High Court justice killed by a hit-and-run driver delivered an emotional speech on Tuesday during the sentencing phase of the driver's trial.

Danit Cheshin, with widow of Shneor Cheshin, son of former High Court justice Mishael Cheshin and Ruth Cheshin, said: "In a moment, from a happy couple with three children, dreams and plans, I became a widow, two months before my 40th birthday, and a mother of three fatherless children. It is impossible to describe in words the upheavals we have gone through since Shneor's death, and clearly things are not the same. We are hurt, bruised, broken and cannot believe it."

The driver, Tal Mor, who in June ran over Cheshin and fled the scene, was convicted last week by the Petah Tikva District Court of vehicular manslaughter, leaving the victim at the scene of the accident, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, obstruction of justice and driving without a license and insurance.

Mor also addressed the court, asked for the court's mercy and for forgiveness from his victim's family.

"Shneor's father says over and over again: 'morning is not morning, evening is not evening, the Sabbath kiddush is not the Sabbath kiddush. We cannot, we do not have the strength, to part from Shneor. We do not know if we ever will," the widow said.

The prosecutor, Aviv Sharon, told Judge Zecharia Caspi that Mor and his father had created a Facebook page "where they slung mountains of mud at the work of the prosecution."

Mor's attorney, Tamar Ullmann, said she did not know who wrote the text on the Facebook page, and that it was not under her client's control.

The prosecution has not cited a figure for the length of the prison term it would like to see imposed on Mor, but Sharon said there was no reason for lenience, since hours before the accident Mor had been at three different pubs and had drank copious amounts of alcohol. His blood alcohol was three times the legal limit and he had also taken drugs, Sharon said.

Sharon also said that the court had set a high bar in terms of punishment for similar crimes, citing the case of the hit-and-run driver Shai Simon, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing Meital Aharonson.

Mor told the court: "It's hard for me, it pains me, it pains me terribly. This was an outstanding person, a husband, a father, killed in an accident that I was involved in. It is hard for me to look his wife in the eye and I am connected to the pain she is going through. The family was destroyed and I will regret that my whole life."

Mor will be sentenced after the holidays.