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The Tel Aviv District Court this week sentenced Avi Abutbul - a member of the Abutbul crime family - to a six-year prison term and one year probation for his role in the murder of Ra'anan Levy near a nightclub in Shefayim in 2004.

Abutbul was cleared of murder, but convicted of conspiring to commit a crime and attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm.

Abutbul's defense attorney, Zion Amir, said he would recommend that the family appeal the sentence, because, he said, he was not granted the opportunity to defend his client against the charges, which did not appear in the original indictment.

Abutbul had joined one of his brothers in Shefayim when the latter became embroiled in a fight with a group of youths from Rishon Letzion. Afterwards, accompanied by his cousin Francois and their friends, he drove a jeep which chased after the youths from Rishon, with Levy in the rear.

After reaching a dirt embankment, the jeep blocked Levy's way. With Levy hanging from the car's front grill, Avi Abutbul continued to drive a few meters distance. Francois got out of the car and stabbed Levy deep in his chest. They left Levy wallowing in his blood and ran away. Francois was convicted of murder a few months ago and sentenced to life imprisonment.