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Police are having trouble finding additional women willing to file sexual harassment or assault complaints against Hebrew University sociology professor Eyal Ben-Ari.

To date, three former students have filed complaints accusing Ben-Ari of sexual harassment, but none have accused him of sexual assault.

Ben-Ari's arrest about two weeks ago, following an undercover investigation into the allegations, received widespread publicity, and police had hoped that this would encourage other women to complain. However, that did not happen.

Police are now trying to locate other students whom they suspect were similarly harassed, to encourage them to file formal complaints. Thus far, however, they have had no success.

An anonymous email purportedly written by a group of Hebrew University sociology students had accused Ben-Ari of far more serious crimes, including rape and conditioning graduate students' funding on their willingness to sleep with him.

However, in the absence of any formal complaints on this matter, the investigation is focusing mainly on sexual harassment. Police suspect that Ben-Ari harassed a series of female students over a period of about 15 years.

Ben-Ari has denied all allegations against him, admitting only to one consensual affair with a student 12 years ago.

Though he was released on bail immediately after being arrested, the court barred him from entering the university for the next 30 days. It also forbade him to travel abroad or to contact any of the complainants.