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The state comptroller intends today to confront outgoing Police Commissioner David Cohen with a retired police commander who had implicated both Cohen and the police commissioner-designate Yohanan Danino in failures that led to the murder of two police informers in 2006.

The confrontation, held in State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss' office, is part of the comptroller's investigation into the alleged role of Cohen and Danino in the police mishandling that led to the murders.

Commander (ret. ) Yisrael Abarbanel, a former police intelligence officer, filed a complaint against Cohen and Danino's conduct with the comptroller's office some three years ago, when Cohen was serving as Police Central District commander and Danino as head of police investigations and intelligence. Abarbanel accused a number of senior police officers, including Cohen and Danino, of the police mishandling that led to the informers' murder.

Abarbanel also charged Cohen and Danino of cooperating to cover up the affair after the murders, saying they prevented an objective, independent investigation into it.

The police dismissed Abarbanel's allegations, saying they were vindictive and stemmed from his being passed over for promotion. The police said both the state prosecutor and police investigators had looked into the affair and rejected Abarbanel's allegations.

Abarbanel will be accompanied by his attorney Pinchas Fishler during the confrontation session.