Yohanan Danino- Tomer Appelbaum
Police Chief Yohanan Danino. Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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The state comptroller yesterday said the public security minister should have waited until he had completed his inquiry before naming Maj. Gen. Yohanan Danino police commissioner. Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss did not rule out the possibility that his report could have a bearing on the appointment.

"My request to wait a short time until I completed my check up should have been respected," Lindenstrauss said.

Commander (ret. ) Simon Perry, one of the two officers who complained against Danino for his past conduct, and his attorney Eliad Shraga, head of the Movement for Quality Government, are to testify before the comptroller tomorrow. The two petitioned the High Court of Justice earlier this week against the attorney general's endorsement of Danino's appointment.

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who appointed Danino the next police commissioner, yesterday asked (ret. ) Justice Jacob Turkel, head of the committee tasked with approving senior civil service appointments, to endorse Danino's posting.

The Turkel committee is expected to discuss the appointment and approve it within a few days. The appointment is then expected to be approved by the cabinet at its next session or the one after that.

Some 10 senior police officers and attorneys have been interviewed by the state comptroller, who is looking into two complaints against Danino pertaining to his term as head of the police's investigation and intelligence division.

The first complaint was filed with the comptroller's office some three years ago by (ret. ) Commander Yisrael Abarbanel, who implicated both current Police Commissioner David Cohen, formerly the Southern District commander, and Danino, in a series of failures that led to the murder of two police informants in 2006.

Abarbanel also accused Cohen and Danino of preventing a real investigation into the police's mishandling of the affair.

Another complaint was filed by Perry, the former deputy police representative in the United States, who accused Danino of engaging in power struggles that delayed the extradition of the underworld brothers Yitzhak and Meir Abergil to the U.S. This lead to the killing of Margarita Lautin on Bat Yam's beach in 2008 by a stray bullet, he charged.

Police sources dismissed these allegations, which they say stem from the complainants' frustration at being passed over for promotion to brigadier general. These allegations had been refuted by both police and prosecutor's office, the sources said.

The comptroller's people yesterday interviewed Commander David Zchut, former intelligence chief of the Police Central District at the time the informants were murdered. Zchut said he had asked Cohen, the district commander at the time, to look into the conduct that led to the informants' murder.