Sabbar Kashur
Sabbar Kashur Photo by Emil Salman
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The Supreme Court heard an appeal on Monday by an Arab man who was convicted of rape last July for having consensual sex with a Jewish woman who believed him to be Jewish.

"I want justice to be done. I regret what happened," said Sabbar Kashur, a 31-year-old Jerusalem resident, before entering court.

Kashur, who was indicted for forcible rape, a charge later reduced to rape by deception as part of a plea bargain, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was also convicted of performing an indecent act on the woman, who had sex with him shortly after they met two years ago. When she discovered Kashur, who presented himself as a bachelor named "Dudu," wasn't Jewish, she filed a police complaint.

Kashur said in his appeal that the Jerusalem District Court's ruling against him reflects an old fashioned, patriarchal world view, which says only the man can enjoy a sexual relationship, while the woman would only consent to them for the promise of a viable romantic relationship and only if the man's ethnic origin is the same as hers. Kashur's attorney, Elkana Laist, said the District Court had ignored the fact that the two had met by chance and had consensual sex shortly after. "Kashur's conduct may have been immoral, but it is not criminal," he said.

The prosecution said the file is based on deception.