Belgian Travel Show Ad Features Hitler in Stripper Costume

Jewish community irate at VRT, which had also planned a cooking show on the Fuhrer's favorite meal.

A Belgian public broadcaster, which recently canceled a cooking show on Adolf Hitler's favorite meal, is now being criticized for promoting a travel show with advertisements featuring Hitler.

The ads, which ran in a nationally circulated magazine associated with the daily De Morgen, caricature television presenter Thomas Desoete, in a stripper costume, sporting a Hitler mustache and a swastika armband.

The show airs on Canvas, a channel belonging to the Flemish broadcaster VRT. The broadcaster's management in Brussels could not be reached for comment.

Michael Freilich, editor of the Antwerp-based Jewish weekly Joods Actueel, said the new ad shows that VRT is "looking for excuses" to portray Hitler.

"They obviously weren't happy with our response [to the cooking show], so have added Hitler for no obvious reason other than getting attention and angering the Jewish community and the 15,000 Belgian non-Jews who were deported during WWII," Freilich told Haaretz. "The Jewish community is furious. Some are even considering whether they want to live here."

Meanwhile, as reported on VRT, a Belgian court last week fined two Dutchmen - a Hitler look-alike and a far-right politician - 1,100 euros each for making a Nazi salute at a white supremacy event last year.