Sudanese refugees
Sudanese refugees in Eilat. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi
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A medic working at Bank Hapoalim refused to treat a Sudanese refugee who was injured in a traffic accident near the central Tel Aviv branch yesterday, saying it was against procedure.

The refugee was struck by a taxi while he was riding his bicycle along Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard with a friend. The refugee was was thrown from his bycicle and began bleeding from his head.

The accident occurred only meters away from the entrance to the central Tel Aviv branch of Bank Hapoalim. A guard at the entranceway witnessed the accident, and immediately called for an ambulance, and summoned a second guard who was trained as a medic.

Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, the guard trained as a medic looked at the injured man and refused to treat him, stating that doing so would go against "standard procedure."

The medic and guard began arguing until the medic asked the guard to leave the premises. After approximately four minutes, an ambulance arrived and took the injured man in for tests and medical treatment.

In response to the incident, Bank Hapoalim released a statement saying that security guards are responsible for treating "any injured person," and that during this specific incident the guard claimed he left the injured man "upon arrival of the ambulance."

However, eyewitnesses claimed that both the medic and the guard left the area four and a half minutes before the arrival of the ambulance, and did not remain to ensure that the injured man's condition did not deteriorate.