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The former CEO of the Heftsiba construction company is keeping the authorities busy as they try to get their hands on his assets to satisfy a court order requiring him to compensate his worst victims.

Former chief executive Boaz Yona is serving time for theft and fraudulent receiving.

The Justice Ministry's Enforcement and Collection Authority has even tried to attach the wages Yona has earned working in Hadarim Prison's canteen, but because he has filed for bankruptcy, the few hundred shekels a month he takes in have been out of reach.

The amount Yona owes to dozens of apartment owners who were identified in a Jerusalem District Court ruling as the most seriously affected has grown from NIS 4 million to NIS 4.8 million.

Yona's 2008 criminal conviction stemmed from a plea agreement that included his consent to a seven-year prison term and NIS 4 million in compensation to the group of Heftsiba customers.

In imposing the sentence, however, Judge Moshe Ravid departed from the agreed-on compensation sum and ordered NIS 8 million to be paid within 60 days of the 2008 ruling.

But after raising NIS 4 million, Yona declared that he could not come up with the balance. Last month the Supreme Court held a hearing on an appeal Yona filed on the doubling of the compensation order, but no decision has been rendered.

Yona's Mercedes has been sold by court order and the funds transferred to a special receiver.

Meanwhile, five Israeli banks say they have accounts in Yona's name, but in each case the accounts either are empty or the banks are unable to attach the funds.

The authorities also filed a seizure action on a 32-dunam parcel owned by Yona in the north, but due to his pending bankruptcy case, they are unable to sell the property.

Yona's attorney, Yair Golan, said yesterday that Yona does not have the money to pay off the debt and his consent to the plea agreement was based on an understanding that he would have to pay NIS 4 million.