Gur Finkelshtein
Attorney Gur Finkelshtein at a remand hearing in July 2011. Photo by Hagai Frid
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A Tel Aviv lawyer and his father were indicted yesterday on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and several other serious offenses.

The Tel Aviv District Court yesterday charged attorney Gur Finkelshtein and his father, Itzhak Finkelshtein, of attempting to hire a hit man to murder the younger Finkelshtein's wife and her partner and of assaulting Tel Aviv municipal engineer Shota Hovel.

The two men were also charged with setting fire to the Scientology Center in Jaffa, which the younger Finkelshtein represented as an attorney, and conspiring to murder a witness for the prosecution in another case against him.

According to the indictment, when the younger Finkelshtein was in Hasharon Prison, he offered payment to another detainee to poison a prosecution witness with cyanide.

On June 5, another prisoner asked Finkelshtein what he had been discussing with the detainee and Finkelshtein reiterated that he was looking for a hit man to kill the witness.

That prisoner said he would act as a go-between on the matter, but then informed the Prison Service and the police, who instructed him to string Finkelshtein along and record him.

Finkelshtein was caught on tape discussing with the prisoner the possibility of murdering the witness, Ramzi Bachar, by a drug overdose. He also wanted the hit man to murder Bachar's father, Hovel and Finkelshtein's ex-wife's partner, Daniel Cohen.

Finkelshtein said he would pay $50,000 if the murder was not complicated and $70,000 if it was.

The prisoner gave Finkelshtein the name of an undercover policeman who posed as the hired killer.

On July 15, Finkelshtein's father changed $5,000 into shekels as a down payment on the murder and met with the supposed hired killer to discuss the plan, according to the indictment.