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Air travel to and from Israel was disrupted on Sunday when employees of the Israel Airports Authority instituted surprise work sanctions for two hours at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Hundreds of travelers suffered when IAA employees took an unannounced break from work to take part in a planned ceremony marking the Jewish new year. That may have been the official explanation, but it was really a show of strength by the union against IAA management, which met on Sunday to approve a new collective bargaining agreement. The agreement guarantees employees an average raise of 11.25 percent.

16 flights were delayed due to the sanctions. In one case, an Israir plane was being towed to the takeoff line and the tractor driver left the cab, saying he was called to the ceremony. In another case, passengers finished boarding an El Al flight which was not allowed to take off.

IAA employees also stopped unloading luggage from incoming flights.