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Half of the approximately 3,000 books that were donated to the cash-strapped library in Kiryat Shmona about 10 weeks ago have finally reached their new home in the northern city.

Some reached other institutions in Kiryat Shmona and others, including some with dedications by their authors, are still in storage.

The books, which were given to the library in a well-publicized campaign to save it from closure, included donations of their own works by authors David Grossman, A.B. Yehoshua, Sami Michael, Yochi Brandes, Etgar Keret, Yehuda Atlas, Nava Semel, Zeruya Shalev and others.

Hundreds of other books were also donated by ordinary citizens, who bought them during Book Week, by the tent protest movement in Jerusalem and by the Lior Vishinsky Fund. People also donated some 500 second-hand books.

The campaign to save the library was organized by social activist Naftali Raz, who is a teacher in Yeruham and a tour guide.

The sum of NIS 21,000 was also collected for the library, with which Raz purchased computers, which he is due to bring there next week.

Raz had initially intended to give the money directly to the library; however, due to disagreements between the municipality, the court-appointed attorney in charge of managing the library and the community center, he said he decided to purchase the computers instead and give them to the library.

Last week, Raz informed the authors and other donors that, "unfortunately, chaos reigns in Kiryat Shmona," as a result of which "thousands of books are locked up in the city storerooms."

As reported in Haaretz last month, since the library reopened, the municipality has still not funded it as required by law, nor has the Culture and Sports Ministry transfered money.