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There will be no criminal investigation of any of the suspicions arising from the "Harpaz document" affair not connected to the alleged forging of the document, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided yesterday.

Weinstein faced a situation in which there was insufficient evidence to launch a criminal probe into these suspicions, and although several issues arose that deserve further clarification, they will not be dealt with from a criminal perspective.

There is a publication ban on details of the investigation, which is being conducted jointly by the Serious and International Crimes Unit and the Shin Bet security service.

Lt. Col. (res. ) Boaz Harpaz, a former intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces, is suspected of forging a document containing imaginary plans to damage the reputations of senior IDF officers in order to promote the candidacy of former OC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Gallant to become chief of staff. The forged document was printed on paper bearing the logo of Arad Communications, a well-known public relations firm.

Indictment planned

With regard to the alleged forgery, the State Prosecutor's Office has already said it plans to indict Harpaz, pending a hearing. The police investigation determined that Harpaz had committed the alleged forgery alone.

Within the next few days, investigators will receive more material from the office of State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss, who since October has been investigating various aspects of the Harpaz case.

Lindenstrauss's probe is dealing with what his office called "the entirety of Harpaz's activities" in the defense establishment, including procurement and his relationships with various defense officials.

Lindenstrauss also investigated all the defense establishment's activities related to the Harpaz document, including the process of choosing the new chief of staff.

While Galant was eventually nominated to replace Gabi Ashkenazi as chief of General Staff, his nomination was withdrawn over suspicions he had illegally annexed land on Moshav Amikam to his property. This led to Benny Gantz's being appointed in his stead.