Daniel Maoz - September 2011
Daniel Maoz.
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Daniel Maoz, the prime suspect in the murder of his parents, denied the charges yesterday and said he hoped the police would continue the investigation until the real murderer is found.

Maoz said the suspicion that he had murdered his beloved mother and father was unbearable and expressed deep sorrow for what he and his family have been subjected to. "I understand the family's response but hope that after my acquittal our relations will be restored," he said.

Noah and Nurit Maoz were found brutally stabbed in their Ramot neighborhood home on August 14. Their son Daniel, a software engineer, was arrested last Sunday. Police said he was deep in gambling debts and allegedly murdered his parents in a bid to get their inheritance to pay off his debts.

Yesterday morning, a day after the gag order was lifted from the case, Maoz's elder sister Tamar wrote on her Facebook page that the family was not behind Maoz, as previously reported.

"Throughout the past week we agonized over supporting Daniel, who had gone from being our brother to being the suspect in our parents' murder," she wrote.

"In view of the investigation's development...we decided to stop financing his defense immediately."

The suspect's siblings - Tamar, Gai and Nir - informed Daniel's attorney Ariel Atari of their decision after police detectives showed them some of the evidence, which is still banned for publication, corroborating the suspicions against their brother.

Atari will continue to defend Maoz at least until charges are pressed against him, probably next week.

Until yesterday Tamar and Nir, Daniel's twin brother, used to come to the court sessions at which the suspect's remand was periodically extended. But on Wednesday, when his remand was extended by six days, the two refrained from making eye contact with the suspect and at the end of the session did not bid him farewell, but left the court hurriedly.

In a statement they issued yesterday the family said: "Our presence in court was to get a full picture of the progress of the investigation and judicial procedure in the terrible tragedy that turned our world upside down and not for any other reason."

The older brother, Gai, is in New York and following the developments from there.