cohen - Haaretz - December 30 2010
Avi Cohen Photo by Haaretz
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Once again, rabbis are infringing on every aspect of our lives - even our deaths.

A new custom has been born: It's no longer God who tries his followers; it's his followers who try Him. We now have the binding of God instead of the binding of Isaac.

And God has failed. For all the prayers, there is no rain. And now Avi Cohen, too, has died.

What's happening here? Why pray in vain? Either God has grown old, his strength has failed, and he's retired, or he's simply fed up with all those eyes turned to heaven, demanding miracles. They deserve at least one miracle from him, after all those years of vain belief.

The rabbis don't believe in the medical diagnosis of brain death, from which no one has ever yet recovered. Why should they? Who is better acquainted than they with dead men, people with no brains at all, who nevertheless continue to live, and even force their lifestyle on others?

Avi Cohen had a donor's card in his wallet. That was his will - to donate his organs to the mortally ill, to save those who cannot be saved with God's help alone. Now, they too will die. His will has been violated.

What a pity, and what a shame! He, who in life set an example of good deeds, was not allowed to set an example in death. This right was stolen from him at the last minute, while his heart still beat. Yet even the heartless may someday need a heart transplant.